Hello my Fashionistas! With summer steadily approaching, I’ve been asked what are my top 5 must haves for the summer. There are many trends that are hot right now, and some I consider to be summer staples. Before I give you my top picks, here are some helpful fashion tips.

White is always great.  It’s also wise to invest in new summer denim as it can lose its crispness over time and washing.  White with any color under the rainbow can A4EF4E21-CDAC-442C-A70F-3859C3A8275Dlook good…black and white,  white on white, and white with creamy soft pastels. The beige and white combo is very chic and great to wear if you have neutral coloring.  Opt for a solid color if the creams or pastels don’t work for you. Remember jewel tones look good on all skin tones.

Leopard is the new neutral.  It makes sense really.  You can pair leopard with just about anything. Summer white, denim, all colors, stripes and even B1DC95C2-5140-486A-A0E7-68665B182259
florals {see pic}.
 The possibilities are endless…a leopard top, pants, jacket, shoes, bathing suit, cover up and a bag. But not all together! Just one! Not everybody likes leopard, but I like to work one piece in here and there.

Now that you are armed with my top Fashion Advice, here are my top picks:

1.  The Kimono – TRENDY & EASY.  You can purchase one anywhere… from Neimann  to Amazon.  Yes, Amazon! {see pics!}  I’ve found some beautiful kimonos on Amazon. From knits to cotton, from cropped to duster, the kimono can be worn many different ways.AACA22B1-3F41-497F-BC01-9F1D4A1D7A40

  • Pair with your favorite shorts or jeans – they give your outfit a boost of fashion.  I like my kimono with anything denim and a white tee, stack of bracelets and wedges.  
  • As a beach cover up – it’s so easy to look fashionable by the pool or beach. The kimono is easy on and easy off, plus looks extra fashionable when the wind blows.

2.  The Maxi dress – A STAPLE. These dresses come in so many different styles.  You’ll be able to find one that fits your body type.  From solids to the big floral prints, which are very hot right now, these are easy-breezy dresses to keep cool and stylish at the same time.

  • Avoid the striped maxi dress-these were hot 5 years ago
  • Avoid the empire waist maxi dress, especially after having kids. This will take you right back to maternity clothing.

3.  Hair Accessories – LAZY GIRL’S ACCESSORY. Think scarves, hats, ties and clips.  Summer hair can be challenging on a hot and humid day.  A head scarf can keep your hair in place while giving you a chic look. Bring your pony tail to the next level with a fabulous printed scarf tied up E3EB67D7-A1C5-4042-9EB1-DD0E79B4FF3A
on top.  Scarf not your thing, don’t worry!  The resurgence of the hair clip will make you rethink of those “Goody Hair Clip” days.  Think color clips to compliment outfits by adding a pop of color.

4. Romper & Jumpsuit- A MUST TRY TREND. I love these fashion forward pieces. While personally they are hard for me to find, I have a long torso. I have not given up! You can wear a casual romper during the day. I love all the different comfortable fabrics – soft linens and cottons.  You can dress it up with a blazer or dress it down with some cute sneakers. A jumpsuit at night for an event always looks put together.  Pair it with some strappy sandals and a clutch and you are ready to go. 1E31E41A-EC8C-4A4D-870D-AE5EBC04D38E

A romper is a one-piece outfit with shorts. While a jumpsuit is a one-piece with pants.

5.  Hands-Free Bags – I absolutely love to  wear a crossbody bag or any type of bag that allows me to navigate with both hands.  As a mom of three, you sometimes need both hands!C2B7B5E0-CB6D-4B80-9FC9-F9D9B32991B9

  • The canteen cross body bag is just about everywhere.  Sole Society (available at Nordstrom) has some reasonably priced bags,  so does Target.  
  • Belt bags were big on the red carpet this season.  You certainly don’t have to walk the red carpet to wear one. Louella has belt bags that convert into crossbody bags as well – 2 bags in 1!! They would look adorable at the upcoming Devon Horse Show or just with a pair of white jeans.


Now go be fashionableSummer is coming! 

Xo Ashley

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