Meet Maddalena Palermo, Main Line’s very own luxury hand bag designer. Madda was born and raised in Italy, and has been surrounded by the design industry her entire life. She lived and worked in the fashion capital, Milan, absorbing every tip and trick she could to take with her when she moved to the United States. Madda is a mother of two, very hardworking and an ambitious designer. She has designed bags from the ground up. Each design goes threw countless trial and errors, samples and test runs before the final bag is made. She works hand and hand with a father and son owned shop in Italy, where her bags are hand crafted to perfection before being sent back to her home studio.

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Q: What inspired your first handbag line, Ambitious Elegance by Madda&Co.?

Maddalena Palermo: When I lived in Milan, I would always find myself having to carry multiple bags with me in order to fit my laptop and notebooks, my wallet and personal belongings, and whatever else I needed to bring with me on a given day. One day, after being sick of lugging multiple bags around, I thought to myself, I need a bag that is large enough to carry everything I need, yet convenient enough that I can easily access my person belongings. So that night I started to sketch out every working woman’s perfect bag.

Q: What makes the Ambitious Elegance line stand out from other hand bags?

MP: The handbags that have been designed for this line have undergone an intensive process to get them exactly how I picture. These bags are special because I have not rushed the learning procesS. I’ve made many many sketches, researched to find the perfect leather, and the perfect team to assemble the bags. They are also special because not only are they extremely practical and durable, they are designed in a classic style that keeps them fashion forward and will never go out of style.

Q: Do you have any advice for aspiring designers? 

MP: My biggest piece of advice I can give is to learn as much as you can. Work with as many different people and get hands on experience in this industry. Once you start your own business, invest your time into your product so you know everything you can about your product and feel confident when it comes time to sell it.



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