It’s a big night out. You have an awesome dress. Hair and make-up are on point. You have killer shoes. You are accessorized to the nines. Ok, at this point, you can image how amazing you look. Then, someone whips out a camera and you freeze. You strike an awkward poise. You feel weird and, yup, you checked their phone, you look weird in the picture too. You think to yourself, why doesn’t my amazing look translate to this picture?

I am here to help!

As your Main Line Fashionista, my number one job is to make you look and feel great. And that goes for pictures too!

Step One – 5 Styles to Avoid

It’s really important to avoid these shapes when you know you are going to get your picture taken.BD676FF5-AF7E-4F6A-8640-7794B36F0A2F

1. Avoid Dropped Shoulders Tops, unless you have broad shoulders. It will make you look wider then you really are.

2. Empire Waist Tops and Dresses. If you have had a baby, please get rid of this style. It looks too much like maternity clothing. Plus that style is over.

3. Too Tight Across the Chest. In person it might look sexy, but in pictures it looks like it hurts.

4. Say No to Cap Sleeves. I have never met a cap sleeve that looks good on anyone. In person they are great, but in pictures, nope, nada, never. They cut your arm off at the thickest point. Just. Not. Good.

5. Beware of Flowy Tops and Dresses. When there’s a lot of fabric, we lose you and your shape beneath the clothing. I recommend to all my clients to wear a long necklace when wearing flowy tops to “weigh down the fabric” so I don’t “lose you under the material.” This simple trick will allow you to show off your curves or body while still owning that boho look. Other ways to balance flowy tops are slim fit bottoms, add a belt or a layering piece like a vest.

Step Two – Work the Angle

Take your one-dimensional self to the next level with these angle tricks! 

1. Ask your photographer to take the picture slightly higher then eye level. The lens should be looking down at you. So instead of the camera or phone right in front of the photographer’s face, it should be held up at their forehead height. Selfies are best a little higher as well.


2. Always bend one leg and slightly pop the opposite hip out just a bit. Don’t pop your hip too much or your bootie will stick out. You want to bend your leg to give your body a longer angle. This gives the picture some length and doesn’t make you look so wide.


3. If you are in a group, and you are at the end, try putting your hand on your hip. This will slim your arms and shoulders and create a nice angle. If you are not at the end, avoid putting your arms around the two people next to you. Instead, turn your body slightly one way and bend one leg. This will help you look more slim.


Step Three – It’s all in the Face

Try these last four tricks to become the most photogenic YOU!

1. Do you know your good side? Most people’s good side is their left! Don’t be afaird to switch positions if you know your good side. Don’t know your good side? Well, that’s ok, I’d say both are your good side then!

2. Remember Tyra Banks and her famous words, “Smile With your Eyes?” Well, there is actually something to that. Think about the lens being your best friend. Look at it for real, and smile. So often, we look where we are supposed to, but don’t actually LOOK!


3. Do not over smile. It will cause stress in your neck. You can easily practice in the mirror.

4. And last but not least, chin down slightly. And if you are a real pro, try slightly tilting your head. That’s another great angle.


You’ve got this!! #photogenic