Ahhhh summer – time to be outside with the kids, riding a bike, down the shore or poolside. In my opinion, it’s one of the best time of years but also the busiest! We all try and squeeze so much in between Memorial Day and Labor Day! But did you know summer allows true fashionistas to worry less about their outfits and worry more about their skincare. Below are all my insider secrets (with the help of a few Main Line experts), but first, call and make an appointment with a dermatologist for a skin cancer check. It’s a vital yearly check-up that over half of us forget to do!

Meet Heather Hadfield, owner of Marigold Esthetique in Downingtown and she’s an advocate of daily sunscreen.

I hear so many of my clients tell me that it’s in my make-up. Unfortunately, the SPF in your make-up may not be enough to protect your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB damage. I’m all about a simple skincare routine so one of my top tips is to use a sunscreen/moisturizer combo. A good SPF can moisturize and protect with no need for additional moisturizer (unless you have very dry skin).

Heather’s Pick: EltaMD 40


Meet Kim Sinicropi, owner of Grazia Spa in Malvern and she’s a true believer in exfoliating your skin.

Although our skin may produce more oil during the humid summer months, it is still necessary to exfoliate. I recommend a gentle exfoliating cleanser or gentle peel pad like Sesha age defying peel pads, they are a blend of lactic and salicylic acid that remove the dead skin. And though the skin may feel more oily during summer, moisturizing is still key. Apply a hyaluronic acid serum at night and wake up with plump glowing skin in the morning.

Kim’s Picks: Sasha Age Defying Peel Pads




5 Skincare Tricks for the Whole Year

1. Apply a Vitamin C Serum every morning
2. Wear a Brimmed Hat
3. Eat fresh fruit like watermelon and berries
4. Drink lots of water
5. Avoid alcohol (I know, sorry!)

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Kim at Grazia Spa in Malvern at 610-644-4122
Heather at Marigold Esthetique in Downingtown 610-340-1555

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