7808c67b4edc691d82ee26f64c149910As the cold weather is finally settling in, we sometimes feel the need to sacrifice style to keep warm. But before you pull your giant puffer coat out of hiding, try introducing a sherpa jacket or coat into your closet. Not only is sherpa trending everywhere, it’s super warm and cozy. The fuzzy dense fabric is perfect for buffering wind and keeping you warm throughout the winter months. The best part about these jackets is, that you won’t need to turn in your fashionista status in order to stay warm!




Stylist Tip: Most people think denim jackets have to be worn casually on a day your running errands or shopping with your kids, however, that is so not the case! Try rocking this awesome denim jacket with a sherpa lining, layered over a dress or tulle skirt!  


Another amazing way you can wear sherpa is in a vest. When shopping, look for a vest that falls just below your hips, for a flattering and cozy winter look.


Stylist Tip: If your style is more city chic, try rocking a grey toned sherpa rather than the more traditional cream colored ones. I love to pair this style with a simple dark top, and black jeans to allow the sherpa to pop off of the rest of my outfit! 












For more sherpa inspiration and styles, check out the images below!

From left to right:

Color blocked Shawl, Black Moto coat, Solid Cream Sherpa


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