When I am in your closet, I start with the hanging stuff. The shirts or maybe the pants. I work my way across to dresses and blazers. It’s fun to make outfits from those pieces. But when you open your drawers and out falls your abundant amount of athletic gear, your wrinkled cotton t-shirts and pilled black leggings, as a stylist, I feel, well, not so excited.


I will be the first person to admit that athletic wear is not my most inspiring type of clothing. It’s rare that you will catch me around town in this style. I feel much more like “me” when I have my jeans, blazer and earrings on. Or even a flowy dress and wedges.

I would much rather grab a cowgirl hat than a baseball cap. Don’t get me wrong, I wear athletic gear, but that’s because I just came from a run, playing tennis or a Barre3 class.66800416-C856-48E1-96A6-07844AEBC391

Meet my personal trainer, Maureen Helmle, of Body by Mo. She is the chic that gets me up at 6 am to kick my butt, make me sweat but also makes me feel like a million bucks a few times a week. She will travel to your home, local park or gym, to give you that personal training but won’t break your budget. #worthit

With all that being said, I would like to take this blog to really dig deep and go there with you about athleisure wear. This is a style that is here to stay. And whether I like it or not, I too have to grow and learn and be the best stylist I can be for you!252A6AD8-7420-4476-AA4E-3FD2002A5B2C

First and foremost, there’s a difference between work out clothing and athleisure wear. If you don’t know the difference, let me break it down for you. Work out clothing is what you sweat in. Athleisure wear is comfy, athletic clothing that you can run errands in. Ok, one more way to look at it.


Work out clothing = you wear with sneakers.

Athleisure wear = what you wear with fashion sneakers.


But how do we go from working out to running errands? Here’s how I try to marry work out clothing into my running errand look! 

1. Please, please, for the sake of this fashion stylist, don’t wear stained or ripped items.
2. Consider bringing an extra item (like a fresh shirt) so if you get really sweaty you can change.
3. Shoes matter, if it’s a yoga class, who says you need to wear your sneakers, consider swapping in fashionable slip on sneakers.
4. Accessories can make your look – any hat is always a winning element – or even try stud earrings.
5. Grab a layering piece before you walk out the door – this is a great place to trade in your hoodie sweatshirt – think about a cute vest, cardigan or what about your chambray shirt?! LOVE!


Stay fashionable and namaste!

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