No need to replace your skinnies, just try adding the perfect flare to your closet this Fall!

Elongate your figure and even out your proportions by pairing a pair of high waisted flare jeans with your favorite cozy flannel. But don’t stop there, try adding a pair of wide leg trousers into your work attire, for a look that is chic and on-trend!

Trending Tip: To elevate a more casual look, be sure that the shoe you wear keeps the hems of your jeans just skimming the ground, and try playing around with the idea of mixing patterns!


Dark Wash Flare


Medium Wash Flare


A good way to spice up these black trousers is to pay attention to details. Try adding in a bold shoe or bag to add a focal point to a monochromatic outfit!

To balance out your figure and accentuate your curves, try wearing a blouse that is cropped to meet the waist band of your pants, then tuck in just the front of  the blouse to bring the eye to your waist.

Trending Tip: When choosing a blouse, look for one with a material that hangs over your body, or has a slight sheerness to it. This will allow the curves of your top half to still be seen, counteracting the wider pants.


Wide Leg Black PantsWide Leg Black Pants


Belted Wide Leg Black Pants


Mustard Mules