By Ashley Meyers, Main Line’s Favorite Fashionista

Order a pumpkin spice latte, and spice up your wardrobe with these trends for October!

Ashley traveled to Paoli to visit Scout & Molly’s women’s boutique owner, Elena, to walk you through this year’s trends.

How do I keep my skinny jeans and leggings fresh this season?

Skinny jeans and leggings are the best option when wearing booties, boots and over-the-knee boots. First, find a pair of skinny jeans that speaks to your signature look. For example, if you consider yourself edgy, try a pair of black jeans. If you are more bohemian, reach for a pair of distressed or released hem skinnies. If you consider yourself classic, then stick with a pair of well-fitting dark wash skinny jeans.

Look to add blouses, sweaters and layering pieces that have added embellishments to keep your look on trend. For example, a black lace up long sleeve top, a bell sleeve blouse, and a cold shoulder sweater would update your skinny jeans.


4Can I wear floral this Fall?

Absolutely! Floral print tops, dresses and scarves can be worn all winter long. When mixing florals into your wardrobe first consider the piece, if it’s a lighter color floral, make sure it has elements of cold weather like long sleeves, or a high neck. (Insert image) Also, think about what colors go well with your skin tone.


5How do you mix and match patterns into the winter?

Mixing and matching is the fastest way to reach fashionista status! In the winter, try mixing color tones like black and white gingham with a cobalt blue

I’m really excited about the ruffle jeans. Ruffles are traditionally found on shirts and dresses, and this season we can welcome them on jeans.

One of my favorite embellishments is embroidery that can be found decorated at the ankle, knee, thigh or all over the jeans.

Another great trend is the unique hem. This can be seen as the released hem, a cut-off or distressed hem, a high-low hem and even an ankle lace-up hem.6

Ashley’s September Tips & Trends

Closet Care

Two simple steps to make your closet space more inspirational this fall. First, remove spring and summer pieces from your closet and pack away in a plastic tote. That’s valuable real estate that should be saved for fall pieces coming in. Try switching to all velvet hangers. This mini upgrade will allow your clothes more breathing room and the uniformity will leave your visual senses happier.

Footwear Care

Dust off those boots and get them ready for cooler days and nights. Invest in a shoe shine kit and give your leather boots a moisturizing treatment.


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