By Ashley Meyers, Main Line’s Favorite Fashionista
From denim care to the trending embellishments; learn all the tricks about denim this fall.



Miss Guided Jeans @ Nordstrom $72

Denim Care
Wash jeans after every 5 to 7 wears. Even though we worry about the high-tech fabric of jeans today breaking down in the wash, bacteria and germs can also break down the fibers.
Try turning your jeans inside out and wash on cold. The less heat and agitation, the better. When drying, line dry them. If they are stiff after line drying, try popping them in the dryer for five minutes to fluff back up.
With the ever popular embroidered jeans, I would recommend hand washing and line drying. This will help keep the embroidery in tack.



Lace Up Jeans by Top Shop @ Nordstrom $95

The New Take on Denim
This season is all about the trendy embellishments. You will see all kind of cool and crazy additions to jeans. But don’t worry, skinny jeans are here to stay, at least for now.







Ruffle Jeans by Citizens of Humanity @ Nordstrom $328

I’m really excited about the ruffle jeans. Ruffles are traditionally found on shirts and dresses, and this season we can welcome them on jeans.
One of my favorite embellishments is embroidery that can be found decorated at the ankle, knee, thigh or all over the jeans.







Angled Hem Jeans by EVIDNT @ Nordstrom $80

Another great trend is the unique hem. This can be seen as the released hem, a cut-off or distressed hem, a high-low hem and even an ankle lace-up hem.



Ashley’s Fall Tips & Trends


Distressed Denim Jacket @ Macy’s $49

Closet Care
Two simple steps to make your closet space more inspirational this fall. First, remove spring and summer pieces from your closet and pack away in a plastic tote. That’s valuable real estate that should be saved for fall pieces coming in. Try switching to all velvet hangers. This mini upgrade will allow your clothes more breathing room and the uniformity will leave your visual senses happier.
Footwear Care
Dust off those boots and get them ready for cooler days and nights. Invest in a shoe shine kit and give your leather boots a moisturizing treatment.